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Cientificas de Milwaukee is the only program of Milwaukee’s south side that offers bilingual/bicultural science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education to young Latina students grades 2-8.

Científicas de Milwaukee is based at Hayes Bilingual Elementary School. There, we’ve worked very closely with more than 300 bilingual program participants and their families to increase STEM education, promote women in science, and encourage young girls to pursue higher education.

For Equality in Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Studies indicate that education is a long term predictor of overall health and quality of life. However, gender, race, and ethnic disparities are apparent in the higher education pipeline—specifically within the STEM fields. Current evidence demonstrates that girls begin to lose confidence and interest in science and math during middle school. Thus, it is vital that young women have access to bicultural STEM education beginning during the elementary school years.